Archaeologist - Team Lead

Harrison Weston

Harrison is an Archaeologist and Team Lead for Ember Archaeology, having joined the Ember team during the Summer of 2023. In this role, he is responsible for supporting Permit Holders by leading and directing crews in-field. In winter months, Harrison assists Permits and Project Archaeologists with reporting duties. He possesses years of experience completing archaeological surveys in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia and the Lower Foothill and Boreal regions of Alberta, working for clients in a diverse array of industries including Forestry and Oil & Gas. This background affords Harrison the confidence, flexibility and ability required to safely guide his crews through the remote northern back-country and ensure that historic resource impact assessments are completed efficiently and effectively.

Harrison received his Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University in 2019, majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Classics. During this time, Harrison was a presenter at the “Inquiry @ Queen’s” Undergraduate Research Conference and a participant in the bilateral exchange program at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. His passion for Archaeology was sparked by his participation in the 2018 session of the Caere Excavation Project, located near Rome, Italy. Harrison then pursued and completed a Master’s degree in Archaeology from the prestigious University of Cambridge, graduating in 2020. His academic focuses include migratory populations, soil sciences, soil micro-morphology, permafrost, and archaeology within Boreal Forest environments.

He is currently working towards Field Directorship status for the Interior Plateau of British Columbia and Archaeological Permit Holder status in Alberta. In his spare time, Harrison enjoys camping, hunting, downhill skiing, weightlifting, and fly-fishing.