Government & Heritage Organizations

Interest in archaeology education and community archaeology is growing rapidly. There are many opportunities for your organization, group or community to get involved in the process of capturing imaginations, and gaining a deeper understanding of our past and how it affects the future. Here are a range of Community Archaeology projects and services we offer that can provide a starting point for customized community archaeology programming.


Private and local museum collections have the potential to tell compelling stories the thousands of years of indigenous history all around us. Ember Archaeology can apply our knowledge of local archaeology and artifact analysis to explain what’s in your collection, what it was used for, by whom, and when. We can help you add context and improve the interpretive value of your collection.


Ember Archaeology can draw on our knowledge of local archaeology and history, as well as our extensive public outreach and public education experience, to bring your vision for an archaeological exhibit to life. Whether it’s an artifact collection or a regional overview, we can help you develop the ideal way to present your information to the public.


The Archaeology Roadshow includes hands-on artifact reproductions and activities relating to Alberta archaeology and pre-contact Indigenous lifeways. We customize the event to the community’s interest and needs. During the event visitors gain hands-on experience with the type of artifacts archaeologists commonly find in their region, and in Alberta generally.

Ember Archaeologists can also identify artifacts and fossils brought in by community members. This helps visitors learn more about their finds, register undocumented sites, and learn about the Historical Resources Act and the importance of heritage preservation. Most Roadshows feature a public presentation on local archaeology and highlight recent research and archaeological sites in the area.


Using a hands-on approach, students become an archaeologist for a day. They learn about the depth of Alberta’s history with a class visit, interactive presentation, and activity hosted by a real professional archaeologist. Students handle and investigate artifact replicas found in Alberta from 9,000 years ago to the historic period and determine the artifact’s history. They try to classify, date and interpret an archaeological site using archaeologists tools and provided worksheets.


Every region is rich in interpretive potential. The wide variety of archaeological and historic sites offers great potential for public interpretation, education and tourism. We can provide an overview of known archaeological and historic sites in your area. This overview can help develop heritage tourism, community archaeology projects, community-specific curriculum, community histories, historic mapping, and municipal heritage planning.