Project Archaeologist for Interior BC

Braedy Chapman

Braedy Chapman is Ember’s Project Archaeologist for Interior BC, and also supports our Alberta forestry operations.  Braedy is also our primary contact for BC First Nations and a member of our Indigenous Engagement Committee.

Braedy has Permit Holding Status for the Interior Plateau region of British Columbia, and has held permits ranging from small commercial subdivisions to mid-sized forest harvest plans. Braedy joined Tree Time Services Inc. in April of 2020, bringing 11 years of professional CRM experience to the company, including extensive work experience in the Interior Plateau of BC, as well as the Boreal and Plains regions of Alberta. Braedy’s skillset is oriented towards forestry historic resources programs, and he has directed multiple field crews in dozens of assessments for forestry clients around Williams Lake, Quesnel, Grand Forks and Castlegar. Working in BC provided numerous opportunities for interacting and engaging First Nations groups, ensuring active participation and input into archaeological field work. In recent years he has worked on a number of assessments and excavations for oil & gas developments in the Fort McMurray region, eastern and central Alberta, and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

Prior to becoming an archaeologist, Braedy obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2004, and participated in a Classical Archaeology field school in Tuscany, Italy for two seasons. He cultivated an interest in North American archaeology by participating in the University of Alberta field school at Bodo, Alberta in 2008, as well as; completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2014. From 2010 to 2018, Braedy worked as a CRM archaeologist conducting archaeological assessments for forestry companies in BC, with periodic stints in AB. In 2019, Braedy spent the season working on assessments and mitigations for the oil & gas sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Upon joining Tree Time in the spring of 2020, Braedy split time between forestry and pipeline projects, and returned to BC for further forestry work.

Braedy’s favorite aspect of CRM archaeology is the amount of time he spends outdoors walking the landscape. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, downhill skiing, fencing, yoga, reading and scale modelling.