Hailey Kennedy

Hailey is an Archaeologist with Ember Archaeology. She joined Ember in 2022 and helps Permit Archaeologist’s complete historic resource impact assessments and mitigations in the boreal and lower foothill
regions of Alberta. During the winter months, she helps Permit Archaeologists with lab tasks such as cataloguing, artifact illustration, and general site reporting.

Hailey completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honor’s in Anthropology at MacEwan University in 2021. Her favorite course topics included human osteology, zooarchaeology, observational
drawing and archaeology of the Circumpolar North. Her honor’s undergraduate thesis focused on how art and drawing can aid in the analysis and interpretation of artifacts. Additionally, she has assisted professors in editing new textbook editions, illustrating artifacts and writing research grants. Hailey lived in Sweden as part of a school exchange program and has participated in a field school at Bodo, Alberta. She has always demonstrated an interest in illustrative art, a skill which has helped her create interactive teaching materials for public outreach programs. She has conducted presentations discussing how art can aid in the analysis and interpretation of artifacts. Since graduating, Hailey has been invited to facilitate and teach a variety of art workshops and lectures for the Archaeology Society of Alberta, the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, and at the University of Saskatchewan. Hailey intends to soon dive deeper into these topics with a Master’s degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

When Hailey is not in the forest digging holes and falling over trees, she is thinking about her next spur-of-the-moment travel adventure, or sitting in a café and drawing the people around her. In her spare time, Hailey is often completing paintings for commission and for fun.