Project Archaeologist

Vincent Jankunis

Vincent Jankunis is a Project Archaeologist with Ember Archaeology. He is our lead for Forestry work, and our expert in historic period sites. Vince is also our key contact for work in the Territories. After completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Alberta he began his professional career in the Boreal forest of northeast British Columbia. In 2011, Vince joined Ember Archaeology where he has continued to specialize in the Boreal Forest archaeology while expanding into other landscapes within his home province of Alberta.

From 2014 to 2017 Vincent took a hiatus from Cultural Resource Management to complete his Masters Degree in Archaeology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His graduate research focused on a sod house at an 18th-century Inuit winter community, which he used to explore past Inuit housing in southern Nunatsiavut. Community-initiated, and part of a much larger project called Tradition and Transition, this research renewed his passion for archaeology, and more specifically the interactions of Indigenous and European groups in the past.

Vince returned to Tree Time Services and CRM in 2017, attaining permit holder status in Alberta in 2019. Since then he has managed forestry projects in the Slave Lake region, assisted with other projects  within the eastern slopes, Parkland, and Boreal Forest of Alberta, and also participated in non-industry related projects that have seen the excavation of an Inuit sod house in Nunavut and fur trade post near Fort Vermilion, Alberta. In his spare time, Vince enjoys travelling through the outdoors whether it be by boat, ski, bike, or foot.